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Floor Heating System "Add Wellbeing Ondol "

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

• Since ADD WELL BEING Ondol is a hot water panel, you do not have to worry about EM waves.
• Being an aluminum tape-type, it blocks water vein waves.
• With radiation heating, it maintains biorhythm smoothly and cultivates immunity.
• It has excellent noise-blocking capability, and by using urethane foam which absorbs impact,it can block
..noise between floors.
• Being a pre-engineered module, it is easy to install and with its fast heating, you can save 30% in heating

Since concrete cure is unnecessary, it can be installed in winter, summer, or in the raining season.
The weight per pyeong is only 19~24kg and the floor height can be reduced by 100mm.

New chapter of architectural culture

The weight per pyeong is only 19~24kg so you can reduce the building weight which has merit in structural design.
The thickness is only 18~24mm and the floor height can be reduced which leads to saving on construction costs.
You can reduce the floor height by about 100mm, enhancing interior effects and reducing construction costs.

A flat floor wherever it is can be converted to Ondol (storehouse, attic, etc.)

Save 40% on heating expenses

ADD WELL BEING Ondol itself is made of a heat radiator, and we’ve applied the world’s first technology where the surface heat radiating plate and pipe are closely adhered.

Has high heat conductivity and heating can be done with low temperature water
Save about 40% on fuel costs
Suitable for individual heating, and can be connected to previous gas, oil, electricity, hot water boiler, solar hot
....... water boiler, etc.
3~5 minutes, heating can be done in the shortest time which makes it extremely economical.
....... (Prevents unnecessary heat loss)
Since the entire floor is heated at the same time, the floor is evenly warm.
Always maintains a fresh indoor environment

ADD WELL BEING Ondol provides everlasting efficiency even in long-term use, and you don’t have to worry about vibration of even about one million cycles.

Load resistance

  Weight (kg) Size of leg Load (kg) Notes
Piano 260 ¢80~4EA 1.3 ADD WELL BEING Ondol’s load resistance is 45kg/cm3,
making it safe
Refrigerator 200(400) ¢30~4EA 7.1
Reception set 250 (for 3persons) ¢25~4EA 3.2
Chair 120 (1person 70) ¢15~4EA 1.0
Desk 200 Including book 1.0

Has large resistance to freezing, and is safe even in vibration and heat deformation.
By using non-welding connection, it is free from water leakage.
You can safely place heavy household effects (dresser, piano, etc).

Every process of installation is standardized and it can be installed within 4 hours! Immediate heating!

All processes of ADD WELL BEING Ondol are standardized and pre-engineered
Installation is done easily without welding and through a simple connection, and heating is immediate
....... after installation.
As an ultra-light product, the work is easy, and it can be installed instantly on previous flooring

The material can be recycled and as it blocks noise, you can maintain a quiet working environment.

Since you don’t need to remove the under-flooring when remodeling, there is no risk of generating waste
....... construction material.
By using an assembly method with compression of connection parts, the construction noise is minimized.
Uses copper that can be recycled or an X-L pipe and ADD WELL BEING Ondol steel plate (aluminum + zinc)
Creates a quiet indoor environment that blocks noise between floors
All processes are made of standardized pre-engineered modules

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